Review of #OlayTotalEffects

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I was fortunate to receive a very generous sample @OlayUS and @BuzzAgent #Olay “Total Effects 7 Benefits in One for more younger and healthier looking Skin.

I have been using #OlayTotalEffects for numerous weeks now. I can’t tell you enough how surprised, thrilled and totally amazed with how well this #OilofOlay Moisturizer Works. Over the past weeks not only have I seen my skin totally transform into more beautiful looking skin. It has also changed the way I feel about my self esteem, aging and appearance. I have received so many compliments and questions like:

  1. you don’t look your age
  2. you have such a clear and beautiful completion
  3.  what do you use on your face,  your skin looks so glowing
  4. what is your secret to your lovely skin

I have never used a moisturizer that has given me so much feedback and nice comments in a long time. I was out last night for dinner and drinks for my work’s Christmas Party and I was so happy to share with the young and older women how well #OlayTotalEffects Anti-Aging Moisturizer  works and all the reasons why. I told them how it will help them to fight the seven signs of aging  as little as in 4 weeks and that it could also help  them to look up to 10 years younger. How this #OlayTotalEffects is formulated with vitamins A. B and E. How it can also help repair sun damaged skin, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, firm and tighten, make you skin more even toned all while not feeling oily or greasy. I have also shared with so many women how it will be available in a fragrance-free version for sensitive skin and also with sunscreen SPF15 so the can be protected in sunlight. I also told them that it is a wonderful base for applying their makeup and how it absorbs quickly. They all were asking where they could get this #OlayTotalEffects for themselves so I gave them link   Women love to talk about the newest beauty products so I was so happy to share #OlayTotalEffects with my co-workers, friends , family and any one that was so nice to compliment my skin.

Thanks so much @OlayUS and @BuzzAgent for helping me to have a much radiant, clear and glowing completion.  As a consumer for many years of #Olay Skincare Products I was completely satisfied and amazed.

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