NEW Review After Weeks Using Olay Total Effects

IMG_0161I recently went to Welland On. and Barrie On.for the Christmas Holidays . I seen so many friends and family that I have not seen in quite a while. I had such a wonderful time while helping with all the festivities. I also received many remarks about how well I must take care of myself, how I look better than ever and mostly about my skin. This gave me the opportunity to share with my cousins. aunts. family friends and even some women that I have never met. I shared with them how I received for free @OlayUs and @BuzzAgent #Olay “Total Effects Anti-Aging 7 in 1 Moisturizer to try and give my honest review and how the skincare product as worked for me. I also shared that it is a new #OlayUS product that will not be in stores until February but it can be purchased I also shared the fact that it is available fragrance free and sun screen SPF 15 which many of the women were very interested to hear. I told them how my skin just seems to be appearing more clearer, more radiant and even really how it does help to diminish lines and wrinkles. I shared with them how and why #Olay Total Effects works. I told them because of Olay’s vitamin enriched formula and how #Olay Total Effects is the only moisturizer they will need to see dramatic results in just a few weeks of use. How it makes pores smaller, evens skin tone, helps diminish lines and wrinkles. I let them feel my face how soft my skin feels after weeks of use. I also brought it with me so the could feel the texture and silkiness of this #Olay Total Effects Moisturizer. Many of the women were so impressed with way it absorbed quickly on the back of their hands. How it is non-greasy and even just after such a small amount the skin on their hand just seemed so softer and glowing. I did not have to remind many of the women about the #OlayUS name because so many of them shared with me they have been buying and using the Olay Products for many years already. So many of them were very excited and happy to hear that @OlayUS has come out with another NEW Skincare Line. That actually helps to fight the signs of aging. Many of them told me they were going to be purchasing #Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti-Aging Moisturizer for themselves. I also told them to please let me know what their opinion is after using Olay Total Effects for a few weeks so I can share with everyone their results and opinion. I am very happy and so impressed with #Olay Total Effects that I know I will be purchasing and also sharing this amazing new product for years to come. I am also sharing new photo taken with my hubby’s Grandma and it really shows a difference in my skin from a couple weeks ago on Pinterest. I know #Olay Total Effects is going to be a big seller in 2016 because I have tried so many skincare moisturizer and nothing compares or delivers better results than #Olay Total Effects. By the way Grandma has been using Olay for many years and it really shows. Grandma looks beautiful.

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