#VichyWorksForMe @VichyCanada & @Chickadvisor

I received #ForFree @VichyCanada & @Chickadvisor These beautiful @Vichy (NEOVADIOL)  Skincare. Line made especially for women going through or over menopause. I love the fact that they cater to women in all age groups. So far I have been using the products for appropriately four days. So far I see really amazing and noticeable results. I will be sharing more pictures and reviews after a couple of weeks so I can give a honest review @Chickadvisor. Thanks @VichyCanada and @Chickadvisor for letting me be a part of  Vichy Skincare Super Panel. #VichyWorksForMe.

Pureté Thermale One Step 3-in-1 Cleanser, 

Neovadiol Magistral Elixir Oil,  Neovadiol Magistral