I took the @OxiCleanChallange . I was so happy when I got the email @ChickAdvisor that I was going to be participating in this New @OxiClean Campaign. I have to do laundry at least every two days.  Laundry at my home is a very time consuming chore for me. Todd and Billy work as HVAC Installs. So their work clothes are always covered with ground in mud because much of the job is done outside. Also putty, grease, cutting oil and paint. I have tried everything from soaking, scrubbing and many stain removers over the years. Nothing seemed to work. @OxiClean and @ChickAdvisor have given me 3 NEW Oxi Products #gotitfree to try and give a honest review about how the @OxiClean Laundry & Stain Removers w. worked for me.




Oxi Clean Max Force -This is a product that is used for ground in stains such as blood, grease, grass stains and even red wine. With this product there is no pre soaking and no scrubbing . I read the directions and all I had to do is spray directly on the soiled area. Then let it sit for five minutes and wash using my normal brand of laundry detergent.  I was so surprised how easy it was to use @OxiClean Max Spray.  When I took my clothes from the washer I immediately seen a big difference. I put them in the dryer. Removing the work clothes getting really to fold I was so amazed to see the stains were gone. I have never seen such results with any of the many stain removers I have tried and wasted money on. I have provided pictures of before and after so you can see what a great job @OxiClean Max Spray did. It really works.




@OxiClean White Revive  this is a product is fabulous. We all wear white socks the bottoms are just impossible to get white and clean again. I also love white clothes but after washing a few times they usually start to look grey or yellow. With this product I found it really helped to keep my linens, clothes and my socks look so much whiter and brighter. But it also helps and prevents them to stay that way. I hate to use bleach so this is a much better and safer way for whitening and brightening your whites. I just love this @OxiClean White Revive so much. It really does make such a big difference. I like to hang my laundry outside with the warmer weather coming. So I like my towels, sheets and clothes to look clean, white and bright.  This product accomplished just that.





@OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover is my personal very favorite. This product is a must have because you can use this in every room of your home indoor and outdoor. It has 101 uses. Not only is great for pre soaking and adding to your washing to help remove stains and keep colors looking brighter. It also can be used on your tile floors, patio furniture, your deck, hard surfaces like countertops, white cupboards and even white appliances to help everything in you home cleaner and beautiful. I used @OxiClean Versatile  Stain Remover in do many ways and I got terrific results. I have white floors, cupboards and appliances in my kitchen so I put a scoop which comes with this product. In a pail with warm water. It really did a wonderful job. My kitchen never looked so clean. Just think of all the Spring Cleaning this product can do and help make your housework so much easier. I even soaked my sinks and bathtub with @OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover. I am blown away with these @OxiClean Products.



I want to say Thank You @OxiClean and @ChickAdvisor for letting me take the #OxiCleanChallange. You have made my laundry and cleaning routine so much faster, easier and more efficient. Not to mention saving me money not having to buy so many household cleaning products. I have and will continue to recommend @OxiClean Products to all family, friends, co workers and share on all Social Media because it truly works. Take the #OXICLEANCHALLANGE you will be happy you did. To see more of all the ways @OxiClean  can make a difference in your home www.oxiclean.com.

My Review #trynatural @PlatinumNaturals Gentle Iron Supplement @SocialNature

I was so thrilled @PlatinumNaturals and @SocialNature when I got the email that I was getting to try and review @PlatinumNaturals Extra Gentle Easy Iron Supplement #gotitfree . When I found out I did some research about the symptoms and dangers of having Low Iron Deficiency and I was so surprised that I myself had many of these symptoms. There was so many issues caused from low iron in the blood. Such as fatigue, shortness of breath, edgy and irritable. Not to mention headaches, dizziness, pale skin, brittle nails, lack of concentration and so much more to many to list. Being a women 55 years of age this Gentle Iron Supplement Platinum Naturals is perfect for me. But this is a products all men and women should be taking daily to improve their health and well being. I was given a generous amount of Gentle Iron Supplement via Platinum Naturals. I faithfully took them everyday. These supplements are gluten free, vegetarian friendly, easy to swallow, absorbs quickly, very gentle , will not constipate you like other iron supplements I have tried and they add protein to your red blood cells. So taking @PlatinumNaturals Extra Gentle #easyiron Supplements everyday you will feel and see amazing health benefits. Just after a couple of day of using @PlatinumNaturals Extra Gentle Easy Iron Supplement I felt so much more energetic, more alert, stronger and much healthier. My job is very physical. I do a lot of lifting so this product really helped me be better and more productive for my job performance. I also walk a lot and I found that I was not out of breath so fast like before. I also have to work with customers and money so it is important that I look, feel my best and I am paying attension, So I was very satisfied and pleased with the effects @PlatinumNaturals Extra Gentle Easy Iron Supplement because by taking them I know I am doing something for me, my body and for maintaining better health. I will be buying and be using @PlatinumNaturals Extra Gentle Easy Iron Supplement’s on a regular bases. Making this product an important part of my daily vitamin routine. I recommend @PlatinumNaturals Extra Gentle Easy Iron Supplement to all my family, personal friends, social media friends, co-workers and anyone reading this review. This @PlatinumNaturals Extra Gentle Easy Iron Supplement is such a must have and very important product for a healthy lifestyle. I want to say Thank You Platinum Naturals  & Social Nature for letting me be a part of this very healthy campaign. It really has made me look and feel so much better and healthier. #trynatural.”

La Roche-Posay Micellar Water My Review Clean Skin


I was one of the many lucky women @ChickAdvisor that was chosen to try and review @LaRochePosay (Micellar Water) #ultramicellar which I #GotItFree a generous 13.52 FL.OZ Bottle. Because wear makeup everyday I was so happy I was selected for this skincare product. I was given La Roche Posay  ultra-micellar water for sensitive skin. I found this product to be very gentle. I had no burning, irritation, no blotching and no reddening of my skin. Which I have found with other makeup removers I have used. It totally was safe to use on my eyes to help remove all my eye makeup. I also used it on my face and neck area. I used a cotton pad which I dispersed a amount of  La Roche-Posay Micellar Water which I then began to apply wiping my face and I was very satisfied with the way it gently removed all my face makeup and my eye makeup so thoroughly. Here is a photo of before and after you can see the makeup and dirt it lifted from my face.



Then I took another cotton pad and went to remove my eye makeup which I wear quite heavily mascara, eye shadow and also eye liner. To my surprise it very easily removed all my eye makeup. With just a couple wipes. La Roche-Posay Micellar Water took off every trace. No tearing up, no red or sore eyes. It really worked so well. Very pleased with my results. Here is a photo before and after.



I truly found  La Roche-Posay Micellar Water to a very gentle, very effective and so easy to remove all my makeup and built up impurities from my day. @LaRoshePosay it is dermatologist tested and also allergy-tested skincare so you know it is safe for all skin types. I would have no problem to recommend this extraordinary NEW La Roche-Posay Micellar Water to all who are reading this blog post, friends, family and my co-workers. Not only does this #ultramicellar really work. It also left my skin completely clean and so soft. Ready for the part of my nightly skincare routine.



I want to say Thank You @LaRochePosay Skincare and @ChickAdvisor for letting me try, review and definitely recommend this Amazing NEW Allergy-tested and for being a part of this campaign. I honestly really loved  La Roche-Posay Micellar Water and will be buying, sharing my thoughts and recommending #ultramicellar again and again.