CLARINS Canada Sun Care

I came home from work and I had seen a note on my door that I had missed a parcel delivery. So I got back in my car and went to pick it up. I had no idea what it could be. When I got to Purolator I went in and got my package. As soon as I got in the car I opened it up. I seen a card hand written from the famous and so generous @DaveLackie. I was so thrilled and surprised because I knew I had not won any of his contests. Which I have been so fortunate to win in they past. The card said thank you for being so kind to my Twitter followers and it was personally signed by Dave Lackie himself. The package contained two @ClarinsCanada Sun Care Products.


This was a very welcomed surprise. I have always been a very fair skinned. I burn very easily and I try my best not to be in the sun. Another reason is because I watched my mom go through a traumatic  experience. My mom had started out with a small spot on her upper lip . At first she was not to worried but when it did not go away, it started to get darker and larger. My mom went to the doctor and was diagnosed with skin cancer. My mom has always been a very beautiful women. I remember she was a sun worshipper. She always had the most beautiful tans. She would lay in the sun read books, enjoyed gardening and both my parents would spend the whole day outside all summer. My mom had surgery to remove the cancer but it left a dark purple scar that effected her for the rest of her life. Over the years it has faded and with makeup it is hardly noticeable. But it left me afraid of the sun. So if I have to go out in the sun I am always looking for very good products to help keep me safe from sunburns. So @ClarinsCanada Sun Care Products was such a thoughtful gift from @DaveLackie.


Since getting @ClarinCanada Sun Care Milk Lotion Spray 20 FPS/SPF Broad Spectrum and @ClarinsCanada Sunscreen Stick 30 FPS/SPF Broad Spectum . I have felt so much better about being in the sun. I honestly love the convenience, very easy to use and the way this sun care feels on my skin. The Milk Lotion Spray is very light not sticky, or oily and is not heavy like other sun care products I have used in the past. You just spray on you the areas of your body that you want to protect, it absorbs very quickly and you can enjoy your day. Not only does it protect you from sunburn it also helps to prevent premature aging , age spots, fine lines, wrinkles that are caused by the sun and it hydrates your skin. It is also water resistant so you can feel safe even in your pool and at the beach. I honestly loved and recommend @ClarinsCanada Sun Care Milk Lotion.

I have never heard or tried a sun care product like @ClarinsCanada Sunscreen Stick for (sun-sensitive area) SPF 30 @ClarinsCanada Sunscreen Stick protection. This is so handy to carry in your purse, beach bag and your car. It is so easy to use on your most sensitive and areas that are prone to being sunburnt like your nose, lips, ears and even your scalp area. You would never think of these areas but it is very important to protect them as well from sunburn. This product does all that. @ClarinsCanada Sunscreen Stick worked so well keeping me secure and safe from the sun.

I want to say Thank You @DaveLackie & @ClarinsCanada for helping me feel safe, secure, well protected and helping me to enjoy the sun again.


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