IMG_0885Christine B. reviewed Eczema Cream

18 minutes ago
When I found out that I was getting a chance @SocialNature to be a part of @SatyaOrganic Skin Care especially formulated for people that suffer from Eczema I was very happy, and pleased to try and review @SatyaOrganic Eczema Cream. I myself do not suffer from severe eczema but I do get dry, very itchy skin behind my knees, neck, legs and sometimes on my arms . Sometimes when I scratch it leaves bumps, redness and it is sore. Seems nothing I have used helps to relieve the itching and the irritation. In fact some lotions and medicated balms that contain chemicals and fragrance just make it worse. I have very sensitive skin so I like to use all-natural, organic and the purest ingredients on my face and body. This @SatyaOrganic Eczema Cream as no scent, contains simple but effective ingredients like Jojoba, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Calendula flowers and Colloidal oatmeal . When I read and learned more information about this cream I felt save applying it. I even read you can put it around your eye area. Now how many products can you do that with. This is so gentle it can be used anywhere on your body or face. There is no taste so you can even use it for cracked, chapped and sore lips. I found that I had instant relief. Made my lips smooth and soft again. This @SatyaOrganic Eczema Cream is perfect to keep in your home, first aid kit, work and in your purse so you can get fast instant relief. It can also be used for bug bites, sunburn and rashes. I have a girlfriend that I have known for many years. I remember her constantly upset over her severe eczema. Not just all over her body but you could see it on her face. I also remember her trying to cover it with liquid foundation. I talk to her at least once a week and I told her all about the benefits of @SatyaOrganic Eczema Cream and how she should try it. She said she has tried numerous products and even has gone to a dermatologist but nothing has helped. I truly believe in this product and I am going to purchase it and send it to her. I would also recommend and buy this for myself and family because it is product that has so many practical uses. I want to Thank You @SocialNature & @SatyaOrganics for letting me learn, use and be a part of #GotItFree Campaign. This organic, natural alternative and safe @SatyaOrganic Eczema Cream. I am sure it will change many people lives that suffer from eczema, chapped, dry and cracked skin and help with soreness giving quick and instant relief. Make their daily lives more comfortable, less stressful and feel better about their appearance and their skin. For more information about how @SatyaOrganics Products can work for you go to #trySatyaOrganics .


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