La Roche-Posay Micellar Water My Review Clean Skin


I was one of the many lucky women @ChickAdvisor that was chosen to try and review @LaRochePosay (Micellar Water) #ultramicellar which I #GotItFree a generous 13.52 FL.OZ Bottle. Because wear makeup everyday I was so happy I was selected for this skincare product. I was given La Roche Posay  ultra-micellar water for sensitive skin. I found this product to be very gentle. I had no burning, irritation, no blotching and no reddening of my skin. Which I have found with other makeup removers I have used. It totally was safe to use on my eyes to help remove all my eye makeup. I also used it on my face and neck area. I used a cotton pad which I dispersed a amount of  La Roche-Posay Micellar Water which I then began to apply wiping my face and I was very satisfied with the way it gently removed all my face makeup and my eye makeup so thoroughly. Here is a photo of before and after you can see the makeup and dirt it lifted from my face.



Then I took another cotton pad and went to remove my eye makeup which I wear quite heavily mascara, eye shadow and also eye liner. To my surprise it very easily removed all my eye makeup. With just a couple wipes. La Roche-Posay Micellar Water took off every trace. No tearing up, no red or sore eyes. It really worked so well. Very pleased with my results. Here is a photo before and after.



I truly found  La Roche-Posay Micellar Water to a very gentle, very effective and so easy to remove all my makeup and built up impurities from my day. @LaRoshePosay it is dermatologist tested and also allergy-tested skincare so you know it is safe for all skin types. I would have no problem to recommend this extraordinary NEW La Roche-Posay Micellar Water to all who are reading this blog post, friends, family and my co-workers. Not only does this #ultramicellar really work. It also left my skin completely clean and so soft. Ready for the part of my nightly skincare routine.



I want to say Thank You @LaRochePosay Skincare and @ChickAdvisor for letting me try, review and definitely recommend this Amazing NEW Allergy-tested and for being a part of this campaign. I honestly really loved  La Roche-Posay Micellar Water and will be buying, sharing my thoughts and recommending #ultramicellar again and again.


Get Results For More Stronger & Beautiful Hair

When I received the email that I was going to get a chance to try and review #gotitforfree thanks @JohnFrieda, @Glamsense & @TopBox  NEW @JohnFrieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore Haircare Products I was wanting this particular campaign to see if it really would make a noticeable difference in my hair. Over many years of coloring, straightening and blow drying my hair. I have seen my hair change. It has gotten so much thinner, has more split ends and breakage. Also due to menopause my hair is half the thickness it used to have. So I was really hoping this haircare would do all it promises.

First of all I was very impressed with the packaging it is a haircare line that will standout on the store shelves. I have been buying and using @JohnFrieda Haircare Products for my years and I have always found their products to work well, be reasonably priced and that @JohnFrieda made products that met all my haircare needs. I was given all three @JohnFrieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore Products to test out. I have used them all since I received these products.


I first of all used the @JohnFrieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore (Protein Infused) Shampoo. I really liked the fresh clean scent it smells amazing. I also liked the rich lather I was happy to read that it is also safe for color treated hair. I just rinsed and my hair felt so clean. I really loved this shampoo.
Then I used the @JohnFrieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore (Protein Infused) Clear Conditioner I massaged this conditioner from my roots to the ends of my hair. I just am in love the scent of this conditioner. I let it sit for a few minutes and then I rinsed well. I gently towel dried and combed out my hair I was surprised how my hair was not tangled the comb just glided through my hair.
Now was the last step in this New @JohnFrieda Luxurious Volume Advanced Protein Volumizer . I really liked the pump applicator so you can control how little or more you would like to apply to your hair. I spurted this product throughout my hair and then I combed it through right to the ends of my hair. I styled and blow dried my hair as usual
My hair felt so soft, light and it honestly looked more thicker just after the first use. My hair was restored the more I used @JohnFrieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore Haircare Products. My style had a lasting finish. My hair never looked more healthier and thicker in many years. This is by far going to be my favorite haircare system that I will buy, recommend and use again and again. Thanks so much @Glamsense, @TopBox and @JohnFrieda for making my hair look the best it can be.

Cake Beauty & ChickAdvisorPremium

ChickAdvisorPremium. Knowing I have been a proud member of for many years I knew I could trust and benefit from this New Offer. It is a great way to save money through @ChickAdvisor discounts, shop for quality products and very fast delivery. I ordered from & Cake Beauty just a couple days ago and to my surprise some have already arrived. For my $60.00 membership I am also getting a Welcome Bag worth over $100.00 containing @VASANTI Brightenup Exfoliator & Moisturizer, @CAKEBEAUTY Heavy Cream Intensive Hand Repair, @MARYKAY Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick (Mauve Moment), @CND CREATIVE PLAY (Cherry Glo Round) and @KNOW COSMETICS No, My Lips Are Sealed Lipstick Topcoat. All this just for signing up @ChickAdvisorPremium. I will get over 1 year of Exclusive Retail Offers. If anyone would like to join and also get amazing offers – We’ve released an additional 500 memberships — available only until February 15!  For more details click here.

My Review @ELASPA Oxygenating Serum

I was sent @ELASPA Oxygenating Serum #GotItFree to try, review and give my honest opinion. First of all I really like the fact that  @ELASPA Oxygenating Serum is fragrance free which I do not like to use any scented products on my face. I have liked many other skin serums but I was turned off by them if the had a scent. I used this @ELASPA Oxygenating Serum faithfully for over a week on my face and neck area. I found that it was very gentle, light weight and penetrated my skin right away. I seen a remarkable difference in the way my skin looked and felt. My skin looked more brighter, felt softer and I had no irritation, blotches or breakouts from using this serum. It also was a great way to start my regular morning routine and also great to wear under my makeup. I was very impressed with @ELASPA Oxygenating Serum it really works well. I recommend  @ELASPA to anyone that wants to see an amazing change and have more beautiful skin. Thanks @ELASPA  I really loved your @ELASPA Oxygenating Serum.


I was so Happy and Very Lucky to win on Twitter @NUWORLD BOTANICALS AROMATHERAPY which is located  84 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville  like, ON L6K 1E1 . These products are all 100% made with all natural ingredients. They contain the finest pure essential oils, they also smell amazing so they are great for your peace of mind, balance, stress and soul. @NUWORLD BOTANICALS AROMATHERAPY they make many different healthy Scrubs , Multi-Nutritive 3 in 1 oils for your hair, body and you can also use it in your bath and Aroma Diffuser Zen Blends to make your home, car and even your office with inviting, warm and wellness aromas. They also carry Multi-Mineral Bath Soak’s made with the best quality organic essential oils and dead sea salts and are rich with over 80 Minerals which makes your bath a beautiful, relaxing and it is they are great for sore muscles. They also have Aromatherapy Personals which you can bring along with you in your purse, car, at work and when travelling so your can enjoy any where anytime. #AromatherapyOnTheGo. There is so much more  @NUWORLD BOTANICALS AROMATHERAPY RAW SKINCARE BAR. You really should go see or order on-line to experience all the benefits  @NUWORLD BOTANICALS AROMATHERAPY. Here is what I Won and my Reviews on each product.

This @NUWORLD BOTANICALS AROMATHERAPY  RAW SKINCARE BAR SCRUB I was given such a generous size jar. It is so amazing it is made with all-natural ingredients, minerals, Himalayan rock salts wrapped in organic argan, jojoba and sweet almond oils. Not only does it clean, it also lifts out impurities, moisturizes and it exfoliates. It left my skin so smooth, feeling so soft, really well hydrated and so clean it actually glowed. I just loved this Body Scrub and I highly recommend it for your next personal hygiene routine.

@NUWORLD BOTANICALS AROMATHERAPY part of their #Personal Collection Mental Clarity Naturally Active Aromatherapy Multi-Nutritive Oil which you can use on your body, hair and in your bath. I just love the soothing and calming smell of this oil. It has a pump dispenser so you can measure out just the right amount you want or need. So there is no waste of this precious oil.  I also liked that fact that it is a 3 in 1. So it is a multi-purpose product. I tried it in my bath it has such a beautiful relaxing aroma made my bath heavenly and so restful.  I used it on my hair it made it soft, very shiny and well conditioned. I used it on my wet skin after my bath it absorbed so nice leaving my skin feeling so soft, smooth and well moisturized. This is a must have for my beauty routine. 

@NUWORLD BOTANICALS AROMATHERAPY Personals I just love the convenience of these take with you #stressrelief & #mentalclarity Naturally Active Aromatherapy. These are so great to bring with me anywhere I go. These products are also 100% all-natural  they contain Vitamin A, B, C and E and you just roll on wrists, back of your knees, neck, temples and pulse points anytime you want the power of transforming, skin nourishing, for a sense of peace and well being. I found these really did help me to fill so relaxed, less stressed and totally comfortable. No matter what kind of stress I was under. I just love this effective idea and this product.

I want to Thank @NUWORLD BOTANICALS AROMATHERAPY for sending me these life changing, healthy and amazing products for my personal well-being. This is all totally new to me and I was so surprised at how well all these @NUWORLD BOTANICALS AROMATHERAPY Worked. I will definitely be sharing, recommending and buying your all-natural products Again and Again. Thank You So Much !

My Thoughts @TryBoostHp

I was so happy when I was chosen to try NEW @TryBoostHP #GotItForFree @Chickadvisor. I have seen and given @Nestlé  #BOOST out because I worked as a Home Support Worker for many years and this was the product we gave in hospitals, home care and nursing homes. For patients that needed extra nutrition in their diets. It is so nice that @Boost has made a #highprotein, very #nutritious drink for all ages.


I really enjoyed the chocolaty flavor of @Nestlé Boost High Protein it is such a delicious way to get all your daily nutrition, protein, vitamins, calcium and helps you to have better health and more energy. It contains 26 vitamins and minerals  such as Vitamin C , D, B12 , also zinc and 15g of protein. So every time you drink @Boosthp you know you are doing something amazing for your body and your health. This @Boosthp also helps keep you strong and helps to rebuild your muscles. It is great for a drink before or after a workout, great to give you a boost of energy at work, or anytime you want a healthy, delicious snack. @TryBoosthp comes in there yummy flavors vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. You have to #TryBoostHP you will be so glad you did.

I want to say Thank You @Nestlé Canada and @Chickadvisor for letting me be a part of this healthy, energetic and tasteful @TryBoosthp Campaign. I really liked this product and will definitely be buying @TryBoosthp again.


@OLAYEYES Ultimate Eye Cream @BzzAgent Campaign

I was so Thrilled and Very Excited to try and review #GotItForFree @OLAYEYES Ultimate Eye Cream. Thanks @Olay & @Bzzagent.

It is just one of the NEW @OlayEyes products made especially for making your eyes more beautiful and youthful. I chose this @OlayEyes Ultimate Eye Cream for me because I am over 50, love to keep late hours and because I have many early shifts at my job. This #Olay Ultimate Eye Cream is a answer for all my eye care needs.

Before Using @Olay Ultimate Eye Cream

Not only does @OlayEyes Ultimate Eye Cream help immediately improve the look of your eyes. It also gives you a luminous glow around the eye area, helps reduce the look of tired and puffiness. With more use it will help to repair and prevent fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet. I use it every morning and every night. Here is a before and after picture of my eye.

After Using @OlayEyes Ultimate Eye Cream

I am so very happy with my results. My Eyes look so much brighter, smoother and awake. I have had many of my friends, family, co-workers and other women ask me what I am using because they have noticed the change. Thanks so much @OlayEyes and @Bzzagent for letting me be a part of @OlayEyes Campaign and for sharing this @OlayEyes Ultimate Eye Cream through social media and in person with so many women. You have to try this NEW @OlayEyes Ultimate Eye Cream for yourself you will also be so pleased with the look of your eyes.

My Review Of @Bioré® Skincare.

My Review Of @Bioré® Skincare.

I was very happy to be picked @Bioré® Skincare & @Glamsense @TopBox To Try & Review #forfree @Bioré® Skincare Products. I never really thought at my age I would have a problem with large pores and blackheads on my nose area. So I was a little skeptical at giving my opinion of @Bioré® Skincare Products.

After completely cleansing my face with @Bioré® Deep Cleansing Baking Soda Facial Wash. I read the instructions on how to apply and use @Bioré® (Deep Cleansing Pore Strips) I just left my face damp loosened the the strip by twisting and removed @Bioré® Deep Cleansing Pore Strip placed it firmly and securely on my nose area. It was so easy to use and it comes with very easy to follow instructions.
I could feel it working right away. I could feel it deeply cleaning my nose.
I just left @Bioré® Deep Cleansing Pore Strip on for 10 to 15 minutes. Then I carefully stared to peel of the strip and to my surprise I could see little particles of black dirt. I was totally shocked I never ever thought there would be anything on the strips.@Bioré® really worked.

My nose looked so much cleaner, no blackheads and my pores appeared smaller. @Bioré® Deep Cleansing Pore Strips worked so well. I wish I would of had these when I was a teenager what a difference it would of made. No picking or squeezing to get stubborn blackheads out. Thanks @Bioré® for helping my nose look so clean and more beautiful.

I also received @Bioré® Baking Soda Pore Cleanser. First of all I love products that are made with baking soda. This @Bioré® Skincare Cleaner is gentle, lathers really well, thoroughly deep cleans and it also exfoliates. It left my skin glowing, soft and very clean. I was very impressed with both these @Bioré® Skincare Products. They both work so well and I recommend @Bioré® Skincare to anyone who wants better looking skin. Because @Bioré® really works !

My Thoughts On @CLAIROL #ExpertCollection #AgeDefy Hair Coloring

I was so happy and very lucky to be one of the many women to be chosen to try and review #forfree @BzzAgent and @Clairol to try this totally NEW Experience in hair coloring that will help you to fight 7 signs of aging hair.

I choose @Clairol Expert Collection Medium Golden Brown which was a very scary for me because I have always been a blond all of my life. But with turning 55 years old this August. I really wanted a change in the look of my hair because it seemed like it was more grey than blond and it also looked washed out. I wanted a much brighter appearance, hopefully a more youthful and healthier look to my hair. With this NEW @Clairol #AgeDefy That helps Fight 7 Signs of Aging Hair. I was going to give it a try and do my best to give a honest testimony of my own opinion and what other family, friends, co-workers and Social Networks thoughts of my finished results. This was me before I used @Clairol #nice&easy #AgeDefy Hair Coloring.

Even though I really loved being blond I wanted to see if @CLAIROL #ExpertCollection #AgeDefy Hair Coloring would really make a big difference not only in the color of my hair but also in the texture, condition, feel and total coverage of grey. Which I have been trying to cover up for many years now.  @CLAIROL #ExpertCollection #AgeDefy Hair Coloring Kit comes with a total of 3 steps to more Beautiful and #AgeDefy hair.

  • Age Defy Soothing Pre-Treatment
  • Color Cream
  • Activating Cream

This @CLAIROL #ExpertCollection #AgeDefy Hair Coloring also contains Pantene Pro-V Color Seal Conditioner to help seal in the color and keep it rich, shiny and well conditioned wash after wash.

I found @CLAIROL #ExpertCollection #AgeDefy Hair Coloring very easy to apply, it also came with gloves and detailed directions. I really was impressed with the Age Defy Pre-Treatment I have never used another hair coloring product with this before. I felt it helped to protect my hair while adding the coloring so I felt my hair was getting the best care.I mixed the Color Cream and the Activating Cream gently mixed well and stared to add to my roots first in even sections and then I worked the Color Cream throughout the length of my hair. There was no harsh smell, no mess and very easy to clean up around my face line and neck. It was so gentle. I left @CLAIROL #ExpertCollection #AgeDefy Hair Coloring on my hair for 35 minutes.

Then I worked and massaged in to a lather and rinsed very well. Then I applied @Clairol Pantene Pro-V Color Seal Conditioner all over my rinsed hair and let it sit for a few minutes to deeply penetrate and condition my color treated hair. That was it 3 very quick and easy steps. Towel dried and then I used a blow dryer to style my hair. I was very surprised with how my hair felt so soft, very well conditioned and so much easier to manage. I really like the way @CLAIROL #ExpertCollection #AgeDefy Hair Coloring covered all my grey completely. I also liked the rich color so vibrant. It seemed to make my blue eyes pop and brought back a youthfulness to my look. Very happy with my finished result.

I received many very nice compliments from friends, co-workers, family, customers where I work and on Social Media Sites like Facebook and Twitter. Only a couple of people said they liked me better as a blond. I had many people say that the color is perfect on me and asked me what kind of coloring I used. I am so thankful to @BzzAgent & @Clairol for letting me take part in  @CLAIROL #ExpertCollection #AgeDefy Hair Coloring Campaign it has been a life changing experience for me. Thanks for helping me have more beautiful looking hair. I will definitely be sharing @CLAIROL #ExpertCollection #AgeDefy Hair Coloring with women my age who want to turn back time and feel much better about their appearance of their hair too. I will be writing another blog post in awhile to show how well @CLAIROL #ExpertCollection #AgeDefy Hair Coloring lasts after wash after wash.