Get Results For More Stronger & Beautiful Hair

When I received the email that I was going to get a chance to try and review #gotitforfree thanks @JohnFrieda, @Glamsense & @TopBox  NEW @JohnFrieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore Haircare Products I was wanting this particular campaign to see if it really would make a noticeable difference in my hair. Over many years of coloring, straightening and blow drying my hair. I have seen my hair change. It has gotten so much thinner, has more split ends and breakage. Also due to menopause my hair is half the thickness it used to have. So I was really hoping this haircare would do all it promises.

First of all I was very impressed with the packaging it is a haircare line that will standout on the store shelves. I have been buying and using @JohnFrieda Haircare Products for my years and I have always found their products to work well, be reasonably priced and that @JohnFrieda made products that met all my haircare needs. I was given all three @JohnFrieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore Products to test out. I have used them all since I received these products.


I first of all used the @JohnFrieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore (Protein Infused) Shampoo. I really liked the fresh clean scent it smells amazing. I also liked the rich lather I was happy to read that it is also safe for color treated hair. I just rinsed and my hair felt so clean. I really loved this shampoo.
Then I used the @JohnFrieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore (Protein Infused) Clear Conditioner I massaged this conditioner from my roots to the ends of my hair. I just am in love the scent of this conditioner. I let it sit for a few minutes and then I rinsed well. I gently towel dried and combed out my hair I was surprised how my hair was not tangled the comb just glided through my hair.
Now was the last step in this New @JohnFrieda Luxurious Volume Advanced Protein Volumizer . I really liked the pump applicator so you can control how little or more you would like to apply to your hair. I spurted this product throughout my hair and then I combed it through right to the ends of my hair. I styled and blow dried my hair as usual
My hair felt so soft, light and it honestly looked more thicker just after the first use. My hair was restored the more I used @JohnFrieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore Haircare Products. My style had a lasting finish. My hair never looked more healthier and thicker in many years. This is by far going to be my favorite haircare system that I will buy, recommend and use again and again. Thanks so much @Glamsense, @TopBox and @JohnFrieda for making my hair look the best it can be.