Kms Beautiful Haircare

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This is the @KMSCanada Haircare Lovely and Generous prize I was thankful and Lucky to win from @CatForsley #MyLipAddiction Instagram Giveaway.  I have to be honest this is the first time I have ever seen or heard of this brand. So I was very excited to try their Kms shampoo, Kmsconditioner and Kms Therma Shape (Quick Blow Dry). The giveaway also included a nice leather travel bag which say on it #stylematters .

DSCN1525 (2)I have used all of Kms haircare several times and I really like all of their haircare products. The Kms Moisture Repair Shampoo really has a nice light scent, the lather is rich and after I rinsed it left my hair so clean. Then I applied the Kms Moisture Repair conditioner massaged it throughout my hair, left on a few minutes and rinsed. Already I could feel and see the difference in my hair.

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Kms Therma Shape (Quick Blow Dry) I was thrilled to see that @KmsCanada gave me two of this product. I always blow dry my hair. I have long hair so it takes time to dry if I don’t use a blow dryer . I have tried  many other brands of  pretreatment sprays and creams before drying and styling my hair but I never seen much of a difference or my hair seemed oily and weighed down after using some of them. This truly surprised me it really did cut my drying in half so it is a real time saver. I also found it protected from heat , moisturized, tamed my frizz, my hair looked soft, shiny and made styling more easier. It also has a very light scent, not overpowering. @Kms Therma Shape (Quick Blow Dry) really does work at drying faster making  less heat from your blow dryer that can dry out and cause damage to my hair.

In closing I just want to say Thank You So Much @KmsCanada and @CatForsley  #MyLipAddiction for giving me the opportunity to try and share my experience  using @KMSCanada Haircare. I was very pleased with the way my hair felt and looked after using just a few times. I would buy @KMSCanada Haircare again and highly recommend. For more information about @KMSCanada Haircare Products you can follow on Facebook @kmcanada  @kMSHAIRCA  #stylematters.



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