NEW Favorite Snack Poppables

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Thanks @Influensterca I was so happy to be one of the many lucky members to be chosen for this @Influensterca @LaysCanada #poppables #VoxBox. I was sent to my mailbox #poppables Honey BBQ. My family and I were totally amazed with the delicious, not too spicy and the perfect barbecue flavor.

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@LaysCanada NEW #poppables are going to be a sure hit snack for the Summer and throughout the year. They also come in Sea Salt and a so yummy White Cheddar  which I have already bought a couple of times. #layscanada #poppables are so light, but crisp and just a bursting with so much flavor. They are the perfect solution for when you are craving or want to serve the ultimate taste experience to your friends, family and party guests. #poppables would be a great road trip , picnics. movie night and  at your next family barbecue snack. Once you open a bag #layscanada #poppables you better have more on hand because they quickly disappear.

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Thanks so much @influensterca and @LaysCanada for letting me try and review NEW #poppables So Yummy.

14 thoughts on “NEW Favorite Snack Poppables

    • broughtonchristine2gmailcom says:

      Thanks Kate for taking the time to checkout some of my blog posts. I am working on a new blog but I work so much I have no time. Poppables are really good I have bought all the different flavors many times since doing Influenster campaign. You should try them Happy Tuesday Night Dear xo

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      • Kate's Vanity says:

        You’re welcome! I’m trying my best to get back into the swing of things. I apologize for the delayed reply. I’ve been having a rough week with not feeling well. I hope to be on here more regularly soon and really get into reading more posts! ❤

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