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This is not my usual blog post. I mostly blog and share reviews about beauty products, household products and contests I have won. Which I really have fun trying new products for free and to help endorse the ones I love. But I wanted to do a blog that maybe will be more important, helpful and make a difference.

Since I have my own business now and do not work outside my home. I have more time on my hands. I started listening to podcasts at night on YouTube. I was mostly listening to scary stories which I still do my favorite is Mortis Media, music and my favorite rock artists.

But then I found true crime and missing person videos. I could not believe how many people of all ages, races and from all walks of life go missing. All over the world. Some are found deceased which are solved but many are not. But so many just are never found and there are no answers for their loved ones.

I like listen to a few podcasts but my favorite is UnfoundPodcast. This podcast is done by Edward Dentzel. I was impressed with this podcast because he does interviews with the immediate family members, close friends and professionals that know the true facts about the cases. He also keeps in touch with the the people that he has interviewed, shares new updates and keeps his subscribers informed.

He covers cases that are older, newer and many times forgotten. Pictures of the missing are always shown, composites and age progression photos of what some missing people might look like today. Also he shares with his listeners personal details about the persons interests, personality and accomplishments. Circumstances about the disappearances, locations and well documented facts. Edward Dentzel has a gracious and respectful way he conducts his interviews. I find he never judges, is compassionate and it really comes out in his podcast about how much he cares about the cases he covers.

Why I became a Unfoundpodcast Patreon member and support Unfoundpodcast:

Actually even though I have donated money to other podcasts maybe once. Unfoundpodcast is my first and only so far that I donate a small monthly fee. For becoming a member I get 2 free ebooks of my choosing, blog posts written by Ed himself and a shout out so I never miss a new episode. I also am a Facebook private member of Unfoundpodcast Discussion Group and follow Unfoundpodcast. I also follow on Twitter , Y-Tube and Instagram. I never miss a podcast and I share on Social Media to try to bring closure to the missing people’s family and friends. I have also did a P interest Board sharing Ed’s podcasts and photos of the missing. My link is:

If you are interested or have any information, or would like to listen follow Unfound. Or maybe become a Patreon member like my self or even share which is a big help here is the links:


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I want to say thank you to Edward Dentzel for everything you do to try and solve disappearances for them and their loved ones. For all the respect, integrity and hard work you put into every case. Also even though you are a very busy man you try to take time to answer questions of all your subscribers and followers.
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