No More Dark Roots Or Grays

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This is a NEW @Chickadvisor Schwarzkopf® Root Retoucher™ hair care campaign. It is to help keep your grown in roots and in my case grays hair not to be as noticeable until your next coloring . I found it did just that. I am light blond so I was given #gotitfree  Schwarzkopf® Root Retoucher™  Light Blond.

I do not like to color my hair too much. I color my hair maybe 3 to 4 times a year. Being fair haired my roots come in very dark and are so noticeable. So I was very grateful and excited to have the chance to try and share my review @Chickadviosr about NEW Schwarzkopf® Root Retoucher™.  I found the spray can very easy to use, the nozzle precisely went where I needed the coverage. No residue or left over powder left in my hair. It also did an astounding job blending in with the color of the rest of my hair. Not noticeable at all just looked natural and as if I had just colored my hair. It did hide dark roots and even colored all of my grays. No harsh odor, no oily feel and looked even toned. Best of all it is so fast, convenient and great for touch ups whenever I needed them. I was surprised and completed satisfied with @Schwarzkopf® Root Retoucher™. Coloring your hair often can be so hard on your hair and cause permanent damage. Most dyes use chemicals and harsh ingredients in their permanent dyes. So Schwarzkopf® Root Retoucher™ will help you not to color every couple weeks or every month and save on costly salon visits when new hair growth happens. So it saves your hair health, as well has saving money because permanent dyes and hair coloring that can be so expensive.

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I have used other brands of root cover ups like comb in, brush in, pens and messy creams. I found this Schwarzkopf® Root Retoucher™ worked just as well and in some cases better. But without all the work. This is worth buying to keep your hair looking great, no dark roots and no grays. You can have perfect looking hair with Schwarzkopf® Root Retoucher™ . No Mess, No Fuss and No Worries.

Schwarzkopf® Root Retoucher™ comes in many different shades so you can find the perfect shade to match your hair color. Just think beautiful hair all the time. I will buy and apply this to keep my hair looking great all the time. I truly loved and was completely satisfied with my results. Thank You @Chickadvisor and @Schwarzkopf for letting me be a part of this campaign. For more information about  @Schwarzkopf® hair care you can checkout their  and follow them on Facebook @Schwarzkopf, Twitter @SchwarzkopfPro@SchwarzkopfCAN and Instagram search schwarzkopf .

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